Rock the Couples Match


1. Why should you consider the couples match?

You wanna stay close to your 'BAE'!!!  of course! 

The most common reason to enter a couples match is to ensure that if you match you will match together at programs that you choose in the same geographic area. Let's face it, long distance relationships are a strain. :(


2. Is there a downside to this ability to match together?

The downside is that it is a bit harder to get the best programs because you need both partners to match. You also have to make sure to enter a lot of combinations. For example if one partner is a stronger applicant then the other and they want to be in an area that is competitive... if the program likes the stronger partner but not the weaker one.... neither will match there. :( So the stronger candidate will miss out on that competitive program which they would have matched at if they applied separately. Oh the sacrifices we make for our loved ones. So make sure to enter many combinations.  It's also important to list choices where one partner may remain unmatched to increase the chances that at least one of you will match.


3. Does it matter that we want different specialties?

Not at all. You can apply to as many specialties as you both want. In general, the more competitive the specialties you are applying to, the more difficult it is to successfully couple match.   The key is to be very flexible, have lots of back up choices, and be willing to compromise to stay together.


4. Who can participate in the couple's match?

Spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, insignificant others, partners, siblings, friends, beer buddies... anyone can enter the couples match.


5. How does it work exactly?

Check out the Couples Match Guide to see how it works!  And read more on the NRMP website.


Here's some experience from a successful Couples Match in the 2016 Match:


For us it actually worked better than applying as singles. We both had very good board scores.

When I received any invitation, I contacted the program for her and she did the same for me.  So we doubled the number of interviews!  We attended all common interviews together at the same day.  It was a good point and it helped us to be remembered by the PD.

At one program , they only invited me and didn't invite her despite my e mail . But when I went for interview and they liked me, I told the PD about her and he sent her invitation immediately and she went for another day. We were scared of couples match but it worked better than if we applied individually. I will be glad to help anyone in the process of couples match.

Most of the interview's discussion was about our story and how we met and our plans in the future.

A. Z.  March 16, 2016


I will say this: think very carefully about couples matching - my SO and I thought we could but we only had one interview in common between us!

A.B. March 16, 2016



I will add this, as my husband and I were successful with the couples match. Don't forget that you don't necessarily have to get interviewed and match at the same exact hospital. You can create a general area with multiple hospitals instead. Example would be a city like Cleveland, Pittsburg, or Philadelphia where there are multiple hospitals within very reasonable driving distances. Doing the couples match like this multiplies your rank combination choices exponentially.

K.M. March 16, 2016


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